The first floating PV system in the Netherlands

Installation Date: October 2016

Everstekoog Reservoir, Texel Island

Floating PV Design: Solar Float

241 kWp

Modules: 928 x 260 wP 

Power optimizers: 464 x P600

Inverters: 8 x SE27.6K


In 2014 the Municipality of Texel issued the Netherlands’ first tender for a floating solar array. Solar Float was awarded the tender, submitting the most innovative and sustainable solution for the Everstekoog reservoir.

 In October 2016 the first floating PV system in the Netherlands was installed by Solar Float on the Everstekoog reservoir.

This project has many of the key Solar Float PV system attributes including the east-west orientation that provides highest yield per square meter and minimises influence of wind.

The array is owned by the Municipality, who use all generated power. The generation is guaranteed by Solar Float, and the mooring system is covered by a 25 year warranty. 

The system uses only a small part of the reservoir surface area, in comparison to tenders that were submitted proposing full use of the surface area, to create a comparative yield to the Solar Float solution.


When choosing panels for the project we were conscious that the installation is beside a major road. We selected anti-reflexiglas panels to avoid creating glare for drivers on neighbouring roads. These high-grade panels are manufactured in the EU.

The system was completed with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, allowing the Municipality to see detailed charts about system performance at panel-level, and enabling remote monitoring of operations.